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Know exactly how much you can borrow for your house with a Bid Certificate

And that for only 100 euros

With the Bid Certificate:

  • All your documents are checked and analyzed by a specialized mortgage advisor.
  • You know exactly how much you can bid.
  • You can bid with a shorter dissolving clause (ontbindende voorwaarden), which improves your odds at getting the house.

* Not yet available for entrepreneurs

What others think of Ikbenfrits

Ronald | Mover | July 2019

““I recommend closing your mortgage through Ikbenfrits.nl. Their way of working fits perfectly in the world we are living in today. The digital convenience and the personal and professional advisors (thanks Vincent and Sher !!) makes working with Frits very intuitive and easy although it is about serious and sometimes complex material. I cannot think of any points of improvement, only that Frits.nl should start selling itself more than it already does. I had a very satisfying experience at Ikbenfrits!”

Frequently asked questions about the Bid Certificate

In a Bid Certificate we state your maximum borrowing capacity for a mortgage. We analyse your financial situation and check acceptance for your case at several banks. The certificate gives the selling real estate agent comfort that you will be able to get a mortgage, increasing the chance of you getting the house. The Bid Certificate, including a thorough check of your situation, costs 100 euros. When your bid is accepted and we close a mortgage for you, you’ll get the 100 euros back in as a rebate on the mortgage brokerage fee.

The Dutch property market is hot, houses are sold in the blink of an eye. Due to the enormous competition while bidding on a house, there’s a big chance another potential buyer eventually gets the house. With a Bid Certificate you increase the chance of getting the house. In the certificate we declare, as a licensed mortgage advisor, that you are able to buy the house. Because we already did the financial analysis, you are able to bid with a shorter dissolving clause (ontbindende voorwaarden). These are two major benefits for the selling real estate agent, which means you really have a better shot at getting the house.

A Bid Certificate, including an extensive financial audit, costs 100 euros. When your bid is accepted and we close a mortgage for you, you’ll get the 100 euros back in as a rebate on the mortgage brokerage fee.

Ikbenfrits has built the most advanced mortgage software in the Netherlands. Thanks to that our financial advisors can concentrate on the most important part of the process: You. It’s one of the many reasons my clients give me an average review score of 9,1. And that’s why Wielinga Makelaars has partnered with us. They don’t receive any fee!

The costs of my mortgage advice are about half the price compared to other financial advisors. My advice is 100% independent. I can close mortgages at over 35 different banks. That saves you money compared to advisors who also sell expensive insurances or simply have less expertise.

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