Expat mortgages

Are you an expat looking to buy a house in the Netherlands? Then Frits is the right place for you. We have mortgage advisors specialized in arranging mortgages for expats. You can schedule a meeting in Dutch, English, Spanish, or French. Often, you can be accommodated within 1 working day.

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What can you expect from us?

A free mortgage consultation with a certified (expat) mortgage advisor in Dutch, English, French, or Spanish.
Insight into your options and calculations through your personal dashboard. You can easily translate our website using your browser.
A fully guided application process from quotation to notary with genuine expat mortgage experts.

We compare all banks for interest rates and conditions

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Frits Analysis

In two discussions, we discuss the best options for your situation. During (and after) the conversation, you can follow all calculations and possibilities through your dashboard. This way, you always have an overview and control.




Costs of Mortgage Advice

With us, you pay a fixed fee, depending on your situation. This way, you know exactly what to expect, and there are no hidden costs. If you are a member of the Consumer Association, you receive a 100 euro discount.


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Processing Time

Completing your mortgage, also known as processing time, takes an average of 13-40 business days. This duration depends on your situation as well as the bank you choose.


Getting a mortgage with Frits: here's how it works

We don't have expensive offices all over the country and operate entirely digitally. This reduces costs. You receive independent advice, personal service, and a fixed, low price.

We take the time to explain everything to you in a way that you can understand and relay.

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Calculate on your own
Calculate on your own

Comprehensively calculate with our calculation tools

With our calculation tools, dashboard, and extensive knowledge base, you can go a long way in calculating your possibilities yourself. You can already:

  • Easily calculate your mortgage
  • View and compare all banks with our complete bank list
  • Thoroughly inform yourself about your situation
  • Understand your mortgage choices in the short and long term
First Meeting
First Meeting

Mortgage Consultation with Frits Analysis

During the Frits Analysis, we explore the possibilities for your mortgage. Together with your advisor, you make calculations that you can review and adjust in your personal dashboard. 24 hours a day. This gives you complete control: you can see everything we see.

First-time homebuyers, those moving, and those refinancing. Different Frits Analyses, with the same result: Insight into your situation. The consultation is free and lasts 45 minutes. Shall we proceed?

Advice Session
Advice Session

Making all decisions with your advisor

When you're ready to choose your mortgage, you and your advisor will delve into the details. All scenarios and options are discussed and compared, allowing you to make the best choices for your personal situation.
Interest Offer
Interest Offer

Requesting an interest offer from the bank

Once you and your advisor have selected the best mortgage, your advisor will request the interest offer from the bank. In the interest offer, you will find the maximum amount you can borrow, the interest rates, the fixed interest period, and the (final) list of documents the bank requires when assessing your mortgage application.
Mortgage Application
Mortgage Application

Submitting mortgage documents to the bank

To finalize your mortgage, you'll need to provide a considerable number of documents. We assist you in this process: we ensure that the right documents reach the bank on time and that the application procedure runs as smoothly as possible. After all, it's already exciting enough.

On to the notary

The most enjoyable part of the process. Now that the application has been approved, all you have to do is go to the notary to make it official. Time for champagne!

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100% Independent Mortgage Advisor

At Frits, we understand that buying a house is a significant financial step. That's why our independent mortgage advisors are ready to assist you. What can you expect when you choose us?

As independent mortgage advisors, we are not tied to a specific lender. We compare all banks for interest rates and conditions. In two sessions, we discuss the best options for your situation. During and after the conversation, you can view all calculations and options through your dashboard.

What does a mortgage advisor do?

A mortgage advisor provides personal advice when securing your mortgage. An independent mortgage advisor compares all banks, allowing you to obtain the best terms and interest rates.

Our mortgage advisors take the time to assess your personal situation. They analyze your financial situation, determine how much you can borrow, and consider current market conditions. All scenarios and options are discussed and compared, allowing you to make the best choices for your personal situation.

What are the costs of a mortgage advisor?

The costs of a mortgage advisor can vary. At Frits, you are always informed about what to expect, including the costs for your mortgage advice. We aim to be as transparent as possible about our prices and use fixed rates. In the case of a special situation, additional costs may be incurred because the advisor needs to do more work.

What should I ask a mortgage advisor?

When speaking with a mortgage advisor, it's essential to ask the right questions. At Frits, we are happy to take the time to answer these questions and provide clarity. Curious about the questions you can ask, for example?

  • Which mortgage type suits my situation best?
  • For what period should I fix the interest rate?
  • Which monthly expenses align best with my income?

In this article, you can read more questions to ask a mortgage advisor. 

Is a mortgage advisor mandatory?

It is not mandatory to engage a mortgage advisor, but it is advisable. Handling it yourself takes time, money, and is complicated. Currently, you can arrange your mortgage with about 14 banks, while there are more than 30 banks in the market. It may happen that you pay a lower interest rate with one of the other banks. Getting a mortgage is the most significant financial decision you make in your life, so good advice is crucial. At Frits, we take the time to explain everything to you in a way that you can understand and convey.

We are happy to go through all the possibilities with you.

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