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The actual interest rate in the Netherlands

20 mei 2021 83x

You are interested in buying a house and therefore browsing for mortgages. Of course, you'll want a mortgage with good conditions, but it's also important to know the going interest rate in The Netherlands. Here you'll find all the information you need.

Bénine Bijleveld

The interest rate in The Netherlands

Depending on the type of mortgage you want, the amount of loan and the mortgage term you'll find different interest rates. Here you'll find an overview of more than 30 banks in The Netherlands. Do you prefer a more sustainable bank to support the environment? Ikbenfrits also advises ASN and Triodos, where you'll find more interesting rates depending on the energy efficiency of your future house.

What can you borrow?

Now that you know the actual interest rate in The Netherlands, you might want to find out how much you can borrow from the bank. There are five elements that determine the maximum amount you can borrow from the bank to pay for your house. You can fill them in the mortgage calculator.

Find your mortgage with Ikbenfrits

It's no secret that mortgages are pretty tough to understand. That's why Ikbenfrits wants to make a difference. With an advisor of Ikbenfrits you will go through the process together, in a way you will understand. No question will remain unanswered. That's a promise. Do you want to make a free appointment by phone? In this call, you can tackle the first hordes and have a rough understanding of your options. Speak soon!