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Are you planning on staying in The Netherlands for a longer period of time and do you consider buying a property? Then you probably need a hand with all the mortgage options as an expat. Frits can help you find the best solution.

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19 april 2021


A Dutch mortgage as an expat

Congratulations! You are going to buy a home here. However, organising a mortgage as an expat can be quite a challenge. Even more so if you don't speak Dutch. Generally speaking, mortgages are non-transparent, dull and incomprehensible, but that's exactly what Frits is trying to change. The advisors of Frits go above and beyond to fix the very best mortgage for you, depending on your financial situation. They advise you independently and will explain every bit along the way, so you will understand the details too.

Expat mortgage regulation

If you want a mortgage as an expat, there is some particular regulation involved. Most banks require that you have worked for at least six months in The Netherlands and you will need to prove this by showing your employer's statement. Also, it's mandatory that you have a Dutch bank account and in the case that you don't have EU citizenship, you need to have a non-temporary residence permit in order to apply for a mortgage.

Bereken direct wat jij kunt lenen

Where do you start?

Your first step towards buying a house is determining the maximum amount you can borrow from the bank. This amount will depend on your income, age and possibly depts. Luckily you don't have to calculate it by yourself, we developed a super easy tool so you can calculate your mortgage.

Calculate your maximum borrowing capacity


After having calculated your mortgage capacity as an expat, you can start orientating the housing market. It's a good idea to set the perimeter in which you want to browse for houses. Then define all the features you think are mandatory, such as a tub, a fireplace or a balcony. Also, you want to make sure to ask a lot of questions to the selling real estate broker when you go visit a house.

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The bidding war

The real estate market can be quite a frenzy, especially in the bigger cities. Bidding above the asking price happens rather frequently and therefore finding the right house (for the right price) can be a tricky project. Decide on your bidding strategy beforehand and move swiftly to secure your dream house. Yet it's advised to have the house inspected by a professional, so you're as certain as can be that technically the house is in good shape.

Frits will take care of your expat mortgage

Hopefully, you know now how to get a mortgage as an expat. Of course, the experts of Frits are fully available to help you in the process. You can make a free first appointment below. Speak soon!

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